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In speaking with you I learned about the The Book and The Cook book fair, in Philadelphia, PA and I had never heard of it before. My guess is that many people have never heard of this before and I was wondering if you could tell us a bit more about it? Many of the ChefTalk community are on the East coast so they could probably visit.

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This will be the 22nd year of KitchenAid's The Book and The Cook food festival, held in Philadelphia from March 17th through the 26th. The purpose of the event is to pair cookbook authors with restaurants that will prepare menus based on the author's current cookbook. The menus are at a fixed price and reservations are made directly with the restaurants. As the festival website ( explains:

"Once at the restaurant patrons can expect to meet the guest author and the host chef and engage in one-on-one discussions about menu influences, delve into recipe techniques and perhaps steal a preparation secret or two to try at home. The guest author’s books are available for purchase at the restaurant and the author will be pleased to provide a personalized autograph."

I will be participating in this year's festival, location and date to be announced. In addition, on February 22nd I will be at The Book and The Cook Caffe Society, upstairs at Di Bruno Bros., 1730 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia. I will be giving a three-course cooking demonstration accompanied by recipe "demi-courses." The fixed price of $55 includes an autographed copy of my book, Dinner for Eight: 40 Great Dinner Party Menus for Friends and Family. For more information call: 215-545-4543
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That does sound like a reason to travel. I'll look into that. Thank you both for the enlightenment.
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