The blasted smear!

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Okay I know the latest trend especially in TV land, is the smear across the plate.  Done well it can actually look good, much like an artist brush stroke on a piece of art.  But smearing just for the sake of smearing doesn't work.  Most of the plates I see end up looking like half eaten dinners. When it comes to chocolate sauce I won't even try and describe how some plates look.  There's certainly nothing appetizing about that.  So if you absolutely have to smear, please do it correctly. Otherwise just wait a while, as it will go out of trend faster than a skid mark!

Joel Mielle
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I've got to agree with you. It's frustrating as a diner to be served a plate of food with some painted on sauce smeared on the plate. 

It's barely enough to taste on its own, much less to flavor and entree; which makes me ask-what is point?

If a chef is going to add sauce-give me some sauce! Don't give me a messy looking finger-painting job of it. 

All this abstract drizzling and vertical composing is just pretentious posing thinking it's art-which it's not!

In true art, there is a visual purpose and objective.

In food service, the purpose and objective is to serve a delicious meal. Please chefs, don't lose sight of that.

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