The best Italian rolls evah!!!


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So I went to the local Italian bakery to get some rolls, they make the best rolls I ever had, perfect! everyone.

Today I met the owner and asked him about the rolls, he tells me "The rolls, they are a family secret and we have been using the same recipe for close to 100 years now. Bruno the roll guy has been there for 30 years now making rolls"..He asks "would i like to meet him". Naturally I jump at the chance.

So I go back into the heart of the bakery, past the ovens and back tables to meet Bruno. I am shocked at what I see, here is a huge fat greasy guy in a dirty tank top making rolls, he only has one arm the other ends in a stump right past the shoulder, I see him put a wad of dough under the sweaty stump, roll his stump around a bit and pull out a perfectly shaped roll, I couldn't believe it! I was gagging when I saw that.  The owner saw my face and quickly explained that Bruno lost his arm in a mixer accident years ago and they never had the heart to fire him and they felt an obligation to keep him on "After all" the owner said " you have to agree Bruno makes the best rolls in the world!"

"But, but, but..." I stamer, thats soo gross, "making rolls in his armpit?"

"Nah, not too bad really" the owner says " you should see him make a bagel!"


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