The best hot sauce recipe that I've ever lost...

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Twelve or so years ago I had done a field trial of some 280 different varieties of capsicums and 150 varieties of tomatoes along with countless other unusual or hard to find fruits and vegetables. Needles to say we had an abundant harvest that outstripped the demand of our establishment, the local retailers and my creativity. Ultimately all of my free time was consumed with trying to come up with ways to better utilize the surplus produce. One avenue that had proved promising was in developing hot sauces and salsas that we had thoughts of marketing ourselves.

Sweet and hot with a little sour was one of my favorite pairings and so I came up with a strawberry, tomato, red savina, chocolate habanero, Thai pepper, bell peppers, honey, garlic, cumin, carrot, onion, celery and I think it was balsamic vinegar blend that was to die for. Of course because it was one of a dozen recipes that I created that day it was also the one that by Murphy's Law, I would loose.

The batch produced four bottles and we used it up at with surprising alacrity. Just as predictably I hadn't thought to look for the recipe again until we were down to the last teaspoon of the original. Nothing will burn your taste buds out quicker than constantly tasting a hot sauce that has habanero heat with Thai pepper sustain. My palate was toast...and the last of the sauce was gone before I could taste out the rest of the ingredients.

So if some enterprising young person with a fresh and adventurous palate wants to give it a stab....the basics were listed above. The tomatoes and peppers were roasted and peeled, pureed, and slow cooked on low heat in a hard wood smoker with the other ingredients. The quantities and a few other important seasonings are what are missing. It was by far my most requested sauce, which is naturally why I couldn't remember what the hell was in it.

Anyway, the flavors worked extremely well together and I still try to find the magic again every once in a while, only this time I write it all down as I'm doing it.

This isn't my first senior moment either. I also managed to forget to write down the best Jerked Chicken recipe that I ever tasted.
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Frankly I don't think mixing red savina with chocolate habs serves any purpose. If you mentally remove the heat from them, they have the same underlying flavor. Being as the savina's heat level is so much higher, what's the point of having both?

I'd expect with honey, carrots, strawberries and balsamic that the sweet component was on the high side? Of course, that all depends on proportions, but still....

Nothing will burn your taste buds out quicker than constantly tasting a hot sauce that......

You know, I've often wondered about the original Scoville tasters in that regard. How could their ability to differentiate heat be the same at 4 in the afternoon as it was at 10 in the Aunt Emma? So it's kind of amazed me at how closely they match using current methods.
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