The best dogs? Chicago of course.

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Thanks for the reverie, Cape Chef! But now I've got a hunger only a snappin'-good Vienna dog will cure.

BTW, my mom and step father had their wedding lunch at Phil Smidt's in 1955.
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New York City Dirty Water Dogs!!!!! (ok to be fair, the street vendors have cleaned up their act a lot)

or Nathan's Original at Coney Island- something about the sea air and the fact that's the site of the original Nathan's- I'm getting homesick!
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Woofies dogs are GREAT! they use Nathans and then pile on day glow relish, tomato, raw onion, dark mustard, sports pepper (I get without).

While in Canton cooking for the 24 fourth graders this past week I picked up Nathan's sweet horseradish pickles....have not cracked the jar but they looked very interesting....PLUS the name stands for quality product!
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