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Hello! It’s summer now and I’d like to start a beer thread. Likes, dislikes, photos, different beer style discussions, etc...

I’ll start!

I’m on a hazy IPA kick lately. This beer is from New England, where hazys originated. Very light.

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Celebrated with this one while with family a few weeks ago. My brother bought 6 or so because he can’t find them in AZ so easily. One of my faves. Drink this one fresh!

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harpua harpua Pliney the Elder is the best beer ever. I wish I could get it here in Florida.

Some of my recent favorites are Modern Times IPA San Diego, Ballast Point Sculipn, and Scuttlebut 40 Below IPA.
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I think I will just stick with the Belgium beers. Maybe old fashioned, but they have been around for a heck of a long time (for a reason)
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Just kegged 11 gallons of Echo Ale, my own recipe of an English bitter. Sweet malt backbone, about 34IBU so not very bitter. Pours a deep copper/brown. If you want the recipe ask.

Others on my list:

Moose Drool
Fat Tire
Schell’s Stag Series 1879 Kulmbacher Export
Brau Brothers Red Velvet Chocolate oatmeal milk stout (if you can find this it is an AWESOME dessert beer! Tastes like red velvet cake!)

Many others...

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Nothing against the traditional European beers but American craft beers have really raised the beer bar all around the world.

Personally I usually go for stouts and porters though in the summer cold NEIPA's hit the spot.

That Dragon's Milk iceman posted is very good. Many great bourbon barrel aged stouts.

Beyond the stouts an old standby for me though is Really Old Brown Dog.



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I'm sorry, but I am so over the whole IPA-let's make beers as hoppy and bitter as we possibly can-thing. Never been a fan of overly bitter beers to begin with, although, there are a few I really like, but just like almost any trend in this country, we beat it to death. I much prefer darker, maltier beers, sour beers, or light, refreshing beers where the hops and bitterness are in balance with the rest of the flavors.
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Yeah some IPA's have so many hops it is like drinking gasoline, BLECH! I make a lighter low end of the bitter scale IPA that has a citrus note frrm the Chinook hops and the sweet orange peel I use in it. 35 IBU if memory serves me right. Comes in at 5%ABV so something you can drink a couple of on a hot summer day and not get plastered.
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I live in Vermont so I'll give a shout out....


Heady Topper from the Alchemist. I really like this beer, hard to find even if you live in the State. I'm usually not a huge huge fan of IPA's but this is a pretty special and delicious beer.

We have lots of great beer here in Vermont.
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Anchor steam likely remains one of my favorites, though haven't had it in quite a while.


The last member of the famous "singing" Von Trapps family has a brewery in Vermont. They make some fabulously complex beers.
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