The agony of lady lock forms that are stuck together

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I stored a dozen of the large Ateco lady lock forms snugly nested together in a quart freezer bag.
ROOKIE MISTAKE. Never do this!

When I pulled them out I was able to separate six of them. The other six were like a single piece of metal. After soaking in hot soapy water, they separated, under great pressure, into three pairs. The pairs are so close in size and so tightly stuck that when handling them, it's not possible to get enough purchase with the fingers/hands to separate one from the other.


Any suggestions?


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Maybe do the same thing mechanics do for bushing replacement..heat the outer parts while keeping the inner cold.
Perhaps plug the tip hole with a cork/WHY, cool in the fridge/freezer, then plunge the cones tip down into hot/boiling water & theoretically, the outer unit should expand & be at least easier to separate from the inner units.
Probably have to work quickly after the hot water plunge & try not to get hot water in the inner parts.. perhaps even fill the cones with water, freeze upright & try the same procedure..
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Needle nose pliers on the lip of the inner one and a soft wrench (pipe wrench) twisting on the outer?
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