The Age Old Question

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With what has been happening lately in the world, the rapture and all the natural disasters …

The Age old question

Who would you want to have at your table for supper, dead or alive? (Name as many as you like)

What would you serve them?

And lastly, could you please explain why?
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Bob Dylan, Abigail Adams, Sigmund Freud, Victor Hugo, Sarah Bernhardt, Jack London, and Guillaume Taillevent (a medieval French cook who was the world's first celebrity chef).

The menu (most recipes from Planet Barbecue)

Piri piri shrimp

Grilled garlic bread

Grilled eggplant salad (Israel)

Caveman T-bone

Cambodian grilled corn

Brazilian grilled pineapple.

Why these people? They are some of the most interesting and colorful thinkers and performers from history and the meal is based on the most some of the most interesting and colorful dishes I discovered on my travels around Planet Barbecue.
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