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Today is my wife's birthday.  We went out for dinner, mostly covered by by the check her father sent for the occasion.  We went to a place neither of us had been before, the Himalayan Kitchen in downtown Salt Lake.

We WILL return.  It was really good.  We started with the vegetable app platter which consisted mostly of onion rings deep fried in a spicy chick pea batter.  Two sauces, one a sort of sweet and sour with tomato, the other a vibrantly fresh cilantro and green chile concoction.  Or so I'm guessing.  The chickpea fritters and that potato dumpling thing were also really good.

For the entree I had the lamb tikka masala, a basic dish that can be used as a barometer of sorts to judge the place.  Loved it.  Oddly enough, the tomato cream sauce brought back memories of one of my favorite lunches ever.  In Hamburg, Germany, I had a pork schnitzel breaded and fried with a tomato cream sauce.  Tonight's lamb had nice curry tones, the pork sauce was about spicy paprika.  Opposite sides of the planet, but there were definite similarities.  Maybe it had something to do with the fact I was drinking a Spaten Optimator with tonight's dinner.

My wife loved the chicken and broccoli dish she had, the naan was good, we are both quite full and satisfied.  Like I said, we WILL return.



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Himalayan Kitchen is good. The original owners have started a new joint on HIghland Drive called Kathmandu that is worth checking out. Skip the lunch buffet though.

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