That Bad Bad Day

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    I figure at least some of us, every once in a while just have that day that seems upside down. Forget a prep item, spill something in the walk in, drop a desert, bla bla bla...

    I'm kind of curious to what some of your best mess ups where, and how you handled it.

    For me personally I was making our bourbon blue cheese dressing one day, and my mind told me that I was making our benedictine ranch, and I put ranch seasoning in it. I laughed, told the chef, then stopped laughing once he got mad (our chef hates tossing anything, our food costs are tremendous.) The same night I spilled about a gallon of fresh made bbq sauce in the walk in, and went through it all over again.  I fixed it by spending about 40 minutes on the heavy bag that night at the gym, the next day was flawless.
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    This happened at home (thank goodness) and not at work, I was rearranging the freezer, took a turkey out, put it on a box.......

    Three days later I went back to the freezer...there was the turkey....still on the box......

    Another time ( few months back )  I strained my 2 gallons of stock, forgot to put a pot under the strainer...........

    Everyone has a bad day....when it says broil, never walk away, even for a second. That is my confession.