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    I am prepping early but we are having all our family here for Thanksgiving, and even though everyone will be helping out I just dont know what to tell them when it comes to how much each person should make. so heres the run down: 

    high balling at 40 people, but probably around 30 but I would like to keep the number high. 

    we are having pre cooked turkey breast that are about 4lbs each and a honey spiral ham which are about 10-12 lbs each. 

    how much ham and turkey will we need? 

    then there are the sides:

    mashed potatoes 


    corn bread


    sweet potato casserole


    cranberry sauce

    green beans


    mac and cheese

    streamed veggies

    and I cant think of anything else, but im a planner and I like to have this stuff figured out in advanced. Everyone in my family wants to prepare a dish but like I said I have no idea what to tell them when they ask how much of each they should make. 
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    1/2 pound of meat per person is a rough guess, 1 pound for big eaters like my family. Sides figure 1/2 cup for salads(that are not lettuce, those figure 1 cup), 1 cup for potatoes and stuffing. If you plan leftovers(we always do) get enough rolls to make little sandwiches as a snack later that night.
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     1 cup, per person, for Mashed Potatoes and Stuffing

    1/3 cup, per person, for gravy

    1/4-1/2 cup, per person, for cranberry sauce

    1/2 cup, per person, for everything else.

    I am assuming that your turkey breast will be boneless so I would probably go with approximately 3/4 pound, per person, for the meat (that's total, not for each kind). 

    This should be plenty, with some leftovers for later snacking, and/or  some people taking some things home.