Thanksgiving Ham glazes

Joined Nov 15, 2001
Looking for a Ham glazes that is tangy but sweet. that is surprising different then the common thanksgiving ham any suggestion. thanks for any ideas :)
Joined Jun 12, 2001
I don't know how unique this is, but its quite tasty.

Mix dijon mustard, apricot preserves, and some chopped toasted pecans. Brush it on, and/or serve at the table.

Joined Nov 20, 2000
Okay so I know that this is probably lame but I still like what I grew up with. My Dad would mix a large package of Strawberry Jello powder with a little water and Dijon mustard. Just enough to moisten enough to spread. Stud the ham generously with cloves and cover with the glaze. A bite can be added with the addition of some Tabasco. Not new, not Nouvelle, or unique but tasty.
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