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After deciding I wanted to enhance my home cooking skills and enjoy myself in the kitchen more, I went looking on the net. I came across this site and have been lurking in the background for a little while.

I have a set of Global knives that have been great, although they don't get treated nice at all. Never been in the dishwasher but they regularly get put in the sink with other cutlery. I've tried to get it through the Wife's head that this isn't good for the knives but it's an uphill battle! So I've decided to get myself a good knife. My knife skills leave alot to be desired, but I'm learning and am enjoying myself alot more with some basics learned mainly from BDL's blog.

After alot of research and internet hrs I've decided to get a Masamoto VG Gyuto 240. I really have BDL to thank for this decision. I like the global knives we have but the G2 feels a bit short and I'm not a huge fan of the handle. I have no chance to try any J Knives around here, except Shun. Not much variety in Australia. I'll also be getting an Edge Pro Apex as well(Birthday Present). Hopefully this satisfies my perfectionist needs for sharpening. I've tried using stones and get frustrated with myself to easily.

Anyway, thank you for all the info I have learned from this forum. Hopefully I'll enjoy the new knife for yrs to come.

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Congratulations on the new Masamoto.  I might still buy one of those down the road.  Out of "want", more than "need" at least!

I think there's very little argument for a Global or Shun if you're making the choice among those.  So you'll most likely be thrilled!

Let us know how the EdgePro experience goes.  I just went right for free-handing, myself, and was quickly able to get better edges than I'd experienced before, but there's still a learning curve, and nothing I've done would be close to "flawless".  On the other hand, I didn't want to spend on an EdgePro. Instead I ended up spending more on stones and a class, but I didn't PLAN for that to happen!

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