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More about us,
Living in the Dominican Republic for the last 20 years. 15 of which involved with running a "by reservation only" carte fixe restaurant on the North Coast. We do weddings, events and dinners for groups, minimum six guests. It's our home but designed for entertaining. We just happened into this business and it fit. I always have questions for the pros and not so pros. Thanks again to everyone!
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You're welcome, Doug! I wish you continued suggess and pleasure in your business.

My brother did the start of his medical training in the DR. He survived a hurricane and two tropical storms which flooded the area where he lived with his then-wife and two kids. They returned home and he eventually finished his training in Wisconsin.  He had to take his training in Spanish. During his adventures there he learned some useful Spanish (!!) and enjoyed the wonderful seafood and homestyle cooking of the local residents. He still talks about the seafood.

Another brother is a chef. He opened a restaurant just like yours. HIs wife would call the guest a few days ahead and ask them to make menu choices (which were based on whatever he could get fresh from his purveyers). The place seated about 40 diner when they opened, but eventually he had to shoehorn 20 more seats in due to demand. Eventually he had to open with a typical reservation and menu system.

Sorry for the digression! Welcome to Chef Talk, and we hope you visit and participate as often as you can.
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