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    I should probably thank Nicko first for making this forum happen. I never thought I'd have the opportunity to chat with you!

    I would like to give you a heartfelt thanks because back in 2000, when I was a finance professional enamoured with your show and mostly with your approach and desire to teach, I made the decision to leave it all and go to cooking school. The fact that your culinary hero (Julia) was the same as mine endeared you to me even more. You have been a true inspiration for me.

    Like you I worked on the line, took lots of hits, endured far too much testosterone (from men and women alike) and eventually made my way into culinary education (sound familiar?). I am now finally enjoying myself fully and I've stopped asking myself "what if?" and "could I?".

    In my various managerial positions, I have often found myself having to choose between Gordon Ramsey and Sara Moulton, and I can honestly say, if more people approached the kitchen with the humility and the desire to learn as you have, I think the face of our industry would change for the better.

    So thanks being true to yourself and inspiring others to do the same.

    Ok, since I should squeeze in a question: After having done a little bit of work in food television, I wonder if it's possible these days for a chef to hold creative control and maintain their integrity on camera? I find that many tv personalities all sound the same; same tone, same expressions, same format even though the topics might be completely different. They have become puppets. What advice would you give someone who actually has a great idea
    and something interesting to teach?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.