Thank You To All Armed Forces Members

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I would like to send my warmest THANK YOU to all service members, active and veterans, which might be on this forum.  You are the reason that I am in the land of the free and you are definitely brave to me.   Not all of us have the fortitude to serve our country, both at home and abroad.  I know that God (or whatever you want to call your higher power) has a special place for you. 

Stay Safe and keep your head down. 
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Not sure what others will say but from this Vet I say you're welcome, and thank you for the acknowledgment.  It was my honor to serve.
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Thank you for your service Longcolts.

Not a lot of Americans take the time to stop, and so how they feel anymore.

And I for one amy so very proud of anyone how has put that uniform on to protect me.

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As Longcolts said, you're welcome, in hindsight I enjoyed the opportunity.

U.S. Army, Specialist 4th, 1965-1967

And I'm certain my wife,

U.S. Airforce, Airman 2nd, 1963-1965

and my son,

U.S. Marine Corps, Sgt, 1989-1993

and my daughter-in-law

U.S. Navy, 1988-1991

and her father

U.S. Navy, 1963-1966

would say the same.
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That sure is a distinguished legacy your family carries. 

I really feel honored.  

Please express my thanks to your family members as well, Chef PeteMcCracken.
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Thanks for the thoughts...but Memorial Day primarily is for remembering those that gave the ultimate sacrifice...Veteran's Day is for us the living. 

On that note...I have to say gotta to love those guys and gals that slaved away in the "galleys", "Chow Halls" and "Mess Tents" you can say what you will about Navy, Army, AF, Marine Chow...we couldn't get our mission done without them. Back in AG-A School at Chanute AFB (1983)...Nothing made me happier then when I went into the Chow hall for breakfast at "O 'dark thirty" and saw grits on the hot table. Or in 2001 on deployment at Pearl Harbor when the Galley had fresh pineapple on the salad bar. I had no idea what it was...but I loved the Pork Adobo at NAS Key West.

I give my thanks and a BIG HOOO-YAHHH!!!!! to the Men and Women of the Culinary Rates (and MOS's)


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