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I have been in love with food for most of my life. Received my first cookbook in 3rd grade and immediately enjoyed using that book.

My passion is planning events and creating menus. I have attended French cooking school and various other short session classes in a variety of cuisines. I reside in the heart of the Midwest where we have fabulous meats, grains, orchard and garden produce to work with at my fingertips. Obtaining gourmet items can be a challenge. Looking forward to reading posts and perhaps sharing or asking questions for my wonderings. Lurah


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Welcome Lurah glad you signed up. I am thankful many of the online options that allow me to get items I would not normally be able to buy. Of course those options are very expensive but at least we have options. I am in Chicago so even though it is the midwest we can get pretty much anything you can think of. Are you a full time private chef or just on the side?
Joined Apr 1, 2016
I've been trained in French cooking techniques in a private school and attended seminars and classes for other cuisines all my life. I'm an at home chef and am called upon to prepare & serve meals in private homes. I need to know more on wine selection but have put that to the side (I'm allergic to that and beer.) Otherwise our family enjoyed exquisite home prepared meals. I do everything from scratch, including popcorn and waffles.
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