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Joined Aug 23, 2004
I just wanted to express my appreciation for this forum.

Over the years I have had some difficulties with cooking, mainly because I had no access to great recipes or techniques. You know the old saying... it's not what you know, it's who.

Finally, I have discovered a resource of culinary expertise. This forum is my answer to over 20 years of struggling with food. You know how your friends can have very good intentions, and yet hopeless for good advise? It just seemed that every recipe, piece of advise, or instruction that I ran into has been mediocre at best. I know I have the tallent, it was the accurate information I had been missing in my cuisine (I have had some success over the years).

This forum is, for me, instant access (almost) to the most accurate and professional help in culinary art. In addition, at one place I can seek advise on the most wide variety of cooking topics that I have ever seen.

My only regret is that I did not discover this resource 20 years ago (probably was not yet available).

My most humble appreciation to all who put this forum together. Already, my cooking has improved.

Thank you

Joined Aug 29, 2000
Thank you for the accolades! We (pros and amateurs alike) are just doing what we love. This place is what it is because it was founded by professionals who love food and wanted to establish a place where home cooks and professionals can all talk about what we love in an atmosphere of respect, learning and fun.

Like a great wine or remarkable cheese, it just gets better with time.


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