Thank you BDL, from the "Grand Champion"

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Been so busy this year havent hung around here or even had time to cook as much as I like too. Couple weeks ago was getting ready for a cookoff and wanted to try something different than usual since I havent hit top five in brisket in a long time. Came across BDL's brisket recipe and mixed up the rub as it looked like a good blend. Didnt have time to do the whole recipe and marinade but will try that soon. The rub was great and a few tips even helped, you know we never stop learning. Anyhow just saying thanks BDL as I hit !st place brisket against some very good teams that usually kick my tail, that 1st though was just enough to get our team the grand Champion trophy  by two points (and $1350.00) as we also placed top ten in three other categories and points accumulated.

heres the link for those who havent seen it.


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