Thai Basil!

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Hi David,

I also love the subtle flavors of thai basil,also the color is great.

I will check in a couple of my books when I get home from work to see what I can come up with
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Thank you very much cape chef. I have a whole slue of herbs and they're mostly in pots. So, in adapting them to indoors will not be a problem?
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I bring herbs indoors in my home in the fall before the first hard frost. I keep them in a bay window. I put small gravel peices under the pots in a resevoir tray and keep the herbs moist and in the sun
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We live in California...near Sacramento. The summers here are perfect for growing Thai basil in a pot outside.
Unfortunately the winters are too cold
I suppose if you brought the plant indoors and kept it near a sunny window in a warm house, it would grow all season.
We just grow it when the weather allows and use sweet basil from the supermarket instead. Not the same taste but it works for our family
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Everyone's tastes are different. How have you had thai basil? In some dishes it can't be beat!
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I grow ton of Thai basil, Holy Basil,  Thai Hot peppers, Kale, and more  on my land.  Keep them indoor should be fine with sun light.  They are easy to grow in hot summer. I am in So California and am still harvesting them fine also expect to slow down in the next few months as some of them will drop leaf but will survive as perennial.   Great for Vietnamese Pho Noodles, soup, Thai Curry, and marinate them in meat for stir-fry.  
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I bought a big bag of this dried from our local Thai store.

The lady told me to cook it in meats but I would like

to try it as a tea...anyone?
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Thai basil can be used in a tea. To do this boil water, break the leaves into the water, place tea bags in the water, then remove the tea bags and Thai basil leaves with a filter. 

I know that Thai Basil (idk if its also known as sweet basil) is used to neutrazlie the burning sensation when eating spicy food.(i should check this info though).

But i definetly would try it with pork, curries, spicy dishes in general, soup , etc..... 
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Thai basil and sweet Basil are similar but different animals. Thai basil has purple/deep red stems and stands up to being cooked better than sweet or traditional basil which are better suited to be added at the very end or after cooking.
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Although you can use a plain LED grow light, I have a few of the Aerogardens, and grow it inside for fall and winter here when I cannot grow it outside.
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I have tasted it a lot in chinese cooking, and tried to grow it at my home in Dubai. i have no success, anyone has any good tips for a hot climate. 
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