Test Kitchen?

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Hello, I'm a young cook about to graduate culinary school. I'm still finding my place in the kitchen. Can anybody tell me what it's like to work in a test kitchen? I have no idea if I would be qualified enough or have what it takes. Would be great to know. Thanks for the input!
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I'm just guessing, but you'll probably have to get in line. I'm thinking you have to be a little anal. From what little I've done for myself, it's pretty tedious work. Everything has to be documented and exact, have the ability to follow any type of directions, method and procedure.. I also think you will have to intern with someone to learn the ropes.

That being said, start looking online and network and go for it if it's something you would like to do.

If you think you will transition one day into kitchen life, it's harder to do as you get older. Good Luck
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In order to be a tester you're going to have to know more about food then a culinary degree can give you.

You would have to be able to know food chemistry, and be able to write a recipe out from your head.

All that you learned in culinary school is just the tip of the iceberg.

A veteran executive Chef with many years experience may not qualify for the position either.

There's more to it than one might think.

Surely it is a job worth growing in to though.
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