Terrible combination or unsophisticated palate?

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I visited a restaurant in NYC recently and ordered penne pasta with smoked chicken in vodka sauce. when it came to the table i was overwhelmed by the smoky smell of the chicken in the vodka sauce. i admit i did not pay attention to the 'smoked' description of the dish but was looking forward to tasting a nice vodka sauce. i absolutely hate strongly flavored barbeque and that's all i could smell when the dish came to the table. Usually when i try something new, even if i'm not sure I like it the first time, i develop a taste for it.

i don't cook professionally but i would think that combining smoked chicken with vodka sauce is a bad idea.  what are your thoughts?
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Personally it doesn't sound very appealing to me. two very strong flavors!
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Smoked chicken is not a combination for your palate to get used to.  It's a way of cooking chicken that imparts a smoky flavor.  You either like it or you don't, it has nothing to do with your palate.  There is nothing wrong with your palate, the only thing you did wrong here was to not read the menu carefully.

Anything oversmoked can be too strong.  It has to be smoked just enough to hint at smokiness but not be overpowering.  If it was smoked properly you wouldn't have been offended.  Just recently I went to Micael Psillakis' restaurant Anthos and had smoked octopus as a starter.  It was smoked beautifully and served with just the right sauce to make it nicely palatable.

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