Tennis Elbow advise please

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Hi everyone,

I just want to introduce myself here and would like some advises. I have tennis elbow for over a year now and I wonder if I should continues with the cooking carrier. I know that most chef have tennis elbow. Is this illness curable? I have been staying at home for almost a year now but my tennis elbow still haven't heal. I recently have an opportunity that someone is willing to give me a space from his kitchen for me to cook vegetarian food for take out order. I don't need to pay any rent or spend any money for equipment. When I make enough then I can help him out with utilities bills and rent later one. My concern is that I won't be able to handle all the cooking due to tennis elbow. This is a great opportunity and I am stressing out whether if I should take it. Please give me some advises.
Thank you so much for your help.

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Howdy, welcome to Cheftalk. You might want to figure out/ isolate
exactly which movements/tasks are causing you the most problems
and take on a helper/assistant/apprentice etc to do those tasks among
othe things.
That would be a elbow is an injury of the tendon attachment
point usually caused from repetitive motion.
The braces you can get are extremely helpful.
You also didnt mention whether youve seen a doctor for it--I highly
recommend that you do so.
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I agree with meezenplaz. What you need is some proper medical advice from a qualified physician. They can tell you what has likely caused your condition and what treatment options are available.
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Ditto -see a doc. Be certain it’s tennis elbow.

With a side note. If you have any numbness, tingling or pain anywhere else in that arm, hands or fingers, or drop things, see a good chiropractor or a good orthopedist that can order an MRI of your neck.

An orthopedic doc had my cousins arm in a sling and told her she had tennis elbow. She’s a teacher. No repetitive movement. Thankfully the chiropractor sent her for an MRI and she had ruptured discs in her neck that was causing everything. Nine months of PiYo exercising to strengthen her neck muscles completely relieved her pain.

If you don’t have insurance, and you are having other issues with that arm, then I do hope that YouTube / exercise can help you. Best wishes!
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Welcome to ChefTalk.

Please go see a doctor. If you've had TE for over a year the muscles must really ache.
I had same and wore a brace while it healed. Went to a physical therapist that use small doses of electricity to relax the muscles and nerves. It does go away.
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