Tender, fork friendly fluffy Belgium waffles?

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Okay, I know that everyone wants the perfect waffle recipe, and I've seen at least 10 on the web that got high ratings but were nearly identical. I also understand there is a difference between yeast and baking powder ones (although I've never tried the yeast ones).

Of the baking powder ones I've tried (about five) none came close to the very tender, fluffy waffles I can get at my favorite eatery (which, unfortunately, won't give me a clue as to how they make them). These are melt-in your mouth, fork easily coming down through them high (at least 1.2" and perhaps more) "Belgium" waffles that are quite different from the ones I can make (which are crisp and harder on the outside than I want). The outside was still golden brown (so not like the flat soggy ones I used to make without a Belgium waffle maker) but not so hard I needed a knife to get through it. But it didn't get soggy even with lots of syrup after 20 minutes.

Anyone have a clue as to how I can achieve this? I thought I might try another four or five recipes this weekend to finally nail this once and for all.
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Look for a recipe that incorporates folded egg white to the batter. 

Maybe also try the yeast one sometime. It's hard to know what you'll like if you don't try other methods. In your search for your (subjective) perfect waffle, you should include yeast leavened ones so you'll know if you like them or not. 

But yeah, I'd start with the egg whites. 

By the way, a waffle is supposed to be very crispy, especially on the outside. That is, IMO, one of the defining characteristics of a waffle. If you want a chewy or very tender waffle, try using less fat and sugar in the mix and maybe cooking it a little less. 
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