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Joined Apr 13, 2011
Hi there,

As a new user I wanted to try and incorporate what I want to do in the future as a career (IT) and what I like to do as a hobby (cooking)

What I'd love to know is if you (the public, in a way) would like a program that does something useful, let me explain:

Your watching your typical cooking program, they prepare the food, and then say, put the blah blah in the oven for 200 degrees...

Well, what if your oven was measured in gas mark? Not degrees?

I would like to make this program open to the cooking community, and would like it so that this could spread like wildfire

So, does anyone want me to make this program!?

Joined May 24, 2009
You'll have to elaborate.  How does a computer program help this situation?
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