Teens in restaurants.

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Funny. A thread on "the kids today". I'm sure there are similar rants written on stone tablets.

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Lukeygina and MikeB,

I'm glad to see you've both stood up for yourselfs and look where it has landed you. Personally being young and all, its best to move around if you wish to explorer the culinary world. You must also remember their are people that will take advantage of you, being that you are young and all. Whats great about this line of love (work) is that your free to move around. Its great to learn something, and get paid for it. Personally I would work for free now that I have the chance. This way I can move around the kitchen and act as a sou chef and not work my way up (time becomes a factor). The best thing to do is earn the respect of the chefs and the boss around you. They will show it back and will be willing to teach you. If not - take care. Everything I learned I wrote and write down on a notepad.

Back 20+ years ago kids where so much different, and sure I do believe modern kids tend to slack off a bit. But think about this, technology. Mordern adults don't bother to learn this new age stuff. Some do but the point I'm trying to come across is that everyone is different. I'm pretty sure some adults on here have children that know a computer better then them. Thats because they have bothered and grew up into learning it, just as you bothered to work hard for what you got and had back then. And even today. But notice, its not how fast you walk, its how you walk.

Thanks panini.

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