Teaching Commercial Foods to Special Needs Students - Advice Needed

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Hi Folks,

This is my first post.  I just began a position teaching Commercial Foods to high school students at a special needs school.  In short, together with the students, and two kitchen staff we prepare typical school cafeteria food for approximately 100 kids each day.  In addition, we need to prepare a staff buffet for 20-30 teachers daily.  The curriculum that the school board has for the lowest level of students, is quite frankly, way above what my students will be able to achieve.  The goal of the program is to provide the training and opportunity for students to hone their skills in a commercial kitchen in the hopes of later being able to obtain employment in the restaurant industry in a very basic, and entry level capacity. Think cleaning and prep.

Toward that end, it would be helpful for you industry members to share what you feel are the most basic important skills that I could be teaching them that would enable them to be successful in obtaining work in a kitchen.

Any help you may be able to offer would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks Kindly,

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I've employed special needs people before at several places.
I hired some when I was a Chef in a banquet place.
I found them quite loyal.
Their life coach worked with them for a few days/weeks until they became comfortable with their job.
I suggest pot washer station, floor maintenance, garbage detail, or dishwasher.
I've had great success. Good luck.
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