Tea bags curdling my milk

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i dont have a lot of experience with tea and their relationship with milk products. so i was making a panna cotta, steeping the milk/sugar/ tea bags. the next thing i know, the milk had curdled. im assuming that its the citric acid in the tea that is causing this, but how do i prevent it? ive done things with milk and earl grey, but maybe its this specific Passion Tazo Tea that is doing this. errrggh, its pretty frustrating!
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You may be over steeping? drawing too much tannic acid off of the tea? How long are you steeping for?
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it really happens in the beginning, just as the flavors are being released into the milk.


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It just may be very possible that you can't use that kind of tea to make your panna cotta. I wouldn't know how to prevent the milk curdling in the presence of an acidic ingredient.....
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If it is the "acid" causing the problem, the only solution would be in the direction of making the milk more alkaline to offset the acidity. Might be tricky...
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The name of the tea sounds like one that might have some fairly acidic ingredients. I'm not sure if its true, or something I've conjured up in my head, but I think that milk is slightly less likely to curdle when its colder. You might try steeping it cold over a day or so.
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As the tea is a fruit tea and therefore quite acidic it will curdle, I drink it quite a lot of fruit teas,  but can never add any milk,   can you not use the earl grey or even better cardamon pods?  that will taste wonderful!    failing that a good dark green bay leaf. hope this helps./img/vbsmilies/smilies/crazy.gif
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