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HI There

I run a Fish & chips Takeway store I would like to know the suggestions from you guys regarding what are the best tasty battered fish & crumbed fish with Brand and price (reasonable) Please

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Hi Raju,

I must be missing something, you run a fish and chip shop but don't use fresh fish? You can't make your own batter?

Sorry I can't help you with sources of packaged, frozen, pre-made fish. Do a search for commercial food suppliers in your area.

Good Luck!
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Almost always, price for battered fish fish is dependent on volume. If you only buy 1 case of pre-battered frozen fish per week, the price will be higher than the guy who buys 12 cases a week.

Same goes for chips....
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Not to put too fine a point on it but if you buy fresh or FAS filets and make your own batter you'll save a lot of money and have a far superior product. I'm assuming you have fryolators? Processed products are always more expensive and the expense increases with quality.
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