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Thats a wide open question. If your best work is Chinese food and your applying in a French Restaurant that may not fit the bill. I think it depends if you want to show how versatile you are. If you think its more important to show your skills without going to far outside the box then so be it. Tell us what your thinking of creating and what the concept is your applying for.............The best..........ChefBillB
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My major concern is that the cost of the dishes I plan on preparing for my tasting are much more expensive then anything I could actually put on the menu if hired.
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Why not just ask them if there are any parameters or expectations? Do you want something representative of the style and pricing of the restaurant or do you want me to go with a no-holds barred approach. Which is your preference?
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Thats a hard question. Like others said, if you are making sushi and its an italian restaurant, thats not going to work.However, if its an italian place and you are making french food, I think thats fine. Grilling is grilling, sauté is sauté.

 Usually a chef will give guide lines on what they are looking for. If you know the concept of the place you would work, I would try something in that style. 

Personally I think you should give him a call and see what the chef expects. It could be they just want to see your best food regardless of ethnic type. Calling him ahead will stop the chance that the chef was expecting 'A" and got "B" instead. I hope that makes sense.

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