Tasting Interviews

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I've been asked to do quite a few more tasting interviews in my last job search and I'm curious as to what you have all experienced/come to expect? Do you do prep before arriving on scene or are you just cooking from scratch for the whole tasting. I'm asking because a lot of my signature style dishes are prep heavy but easy to execute on the line. What mindset do you bring to a tasting? How much prep off site? Or do you just dumb it down for time purposes?
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I have done different ones. Sometimes I would be asked to buy ingredients I need and then cook something ( I would expect to be reimbursed for this via shop receipts) Other times I would be told to go to the walk in and get what I need and make something or I would be given a few ingredients and be required to produce a dish. I would always have a look at the menu the place has and make sure I know all the sauces etc just in case they ask me to do something for their service.
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