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I struggle with spices to make my dishes tasty.when it come to stew,roasts,grilled,meats it just end up with different taste that does not have the real flavor of meat.what are the best techniques of stewing,grilling,frying,boiling,roasting,meats for best results or nice tastes?
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Well I learned this from Mr. Jon Taffer of "Bar Rescue" that man is a good man to look up to in terms of success; the advice was to season the meat when raw (mainly salt and pepper, as I am not sure if you should add anything else when raw) and then cook it with the salt and pepper and it should added flavor.
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Like for a steak, use only salt and pepper to bring up flavour! And you need good pots and pans, that can be heated up properly. So you can give the meat nice colour. And always deglaze the pan after!
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To bring out that savory meaty taste it is necessary to first get a good crusty exterior.

First get it as dry as you can (paper towels that don't shed and can be tossed are my go to).

Season with salt then into a well oiled very hot pan with low sides (the steam from the searing meat needs to dissipate or you will end up steaming and not browning).

Do not crowd the pan (see above re steaming) if using chunks.

Don't rush things wait until a bit darker than golden before turning/removing from heat.      

I am forever burning the fond so advise to taste after deglazing.

If the liquid tastes bitter just toss it out.

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