Tasks you hate doing

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sometimes you just have to do what you have to do. never liked pearl diving either, but if i needed plates or pans or whatever i would always jump in to help out. bottom line was getting the food out in a timely manner.:smiles:
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I was a donut fryer long enough that cleaning fryers doesn't bug me one bit.

What really just kinda gets to me is getting a container from the dish pit and having to peel old labels/day-dots off of it. Just one of those pet peeves I guess....
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I don't have a problem doing dishes... but leaving at 1 am sobbing wet when it is -0 outside is not the ideal way to end my shift.
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the soggy, half stuck-on labels I have to peel off, bug the sh#t out of me too!

The flat-top is easy, but why can't anyone invent a good frey tool?
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I hate doing inventory i print off 23 pages from optimum control and if you have this program it is a pile of stuff to count. I also don't like having to clean the grease trap when it overflows.
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The only thing I really hate is cleaning soft-shell crabs...they're still alive and squishy -- makes my skin crawl. The rest of it ... well I might gripe about doing it, but can handle it ok.
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Reading this thread there seems to be a large number of you who listed peeling shrimp. I'm curious as to why that's troublesome for so many of you.

When it comes to prepping seafood, I would list oysters far above shrimp, and skid at the very top of the hate-to-clean list.
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Peeling & deveining shrimp gets repititive, dangerous (watch those tails), and nasty (ever silently screech to yourself when you discover a shrimp with a densely packed tube) all too fast.

For our restaurant, we only serve oysters on special occasions (New Years, etc.), so I can take 3-4x a year, while shrimp is a year-long deal.
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Ditto on that! ;)

Answering the phone! On Saturday's 4 hours of my morningjust to do this because the FOH mgr didn't schedule a host/hostess to take reso's and about 10 minutes after arriving at the property in the morning the phone rings and it's either a vendor saying he was out of whatever I special ordered for that days party 3 weeks before or one of any number of folks that couldn't remember to get out of bed to come to work.:lol:
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The ONLY task I truly hate is, chasing money.
Whether it be chasing customers/contracts that owe monies.
Younger years, chasing some overtime, back pay, etc.. Actually, having to ask for something that is blatently owed to me or my business.
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I worked with a chef who just loved his skate wing. Parties of 240 with skate wing as a main. I hate the sight of it now. Talk about dozens of tiny little cuts.
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It's not that the actual task is bad...but when you're doing 300 shimp almost every day...it becomes tedious and boring.
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Agreed, I tend to not count the actual shrimp, but I just go by bricks. Especially if its 26/30 or smaller. 2 bricks or more qualifies as repetitive for me.
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hah, i love supremeing oranges. its so satisfying to get a good, clean segment out. i've only started cooking professionally though, so my opinions will change quickly, i'm sure.
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I hate peeling shallots, pearl onions, (pain in the a**) and sweet potatoes! (turns you orange EVERYWHERE when you have to do cases of them:lips: )
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Most the time we get those peeled shallots with a slit already in the skin so it's easy to just take the peel off. It's awesome.


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Pearl onions are the easiest. You're just not doing them right.

Here's one you may or may not like. Doing the whole catering tasting and presentation menu once a month for people who have booked functions. One presentation plate, one buffet style.
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