Tart Pans, Fat Daddios vs Nor Pro

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    Uhh uhhh, Fat Daddios pans transfer the heat the best and produces THE BEST BROWNING on a tart crust and I've been baking tart crusts since the '70's. Fat Daddios pans are the ultimate best. All that you need to do to produce the best crust is raise your heat +25F to 400F and bake for 40 minutes. Just remove the ceramic baking weights at the 15 minute mark. For baking, I use a crumpled parchement paper loaded with ceramic baking weights for 15 minutes before removing them from the shell. Parchement paper does not stick to the crust and faggetaboutddit the aluminum foil brushed with butter. Naked parchement paper loaded with ceramic pie weights is the ultimate to use for your crust.