Tarragon Chicken Omelet with Havarti

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    The creamy filling in this omelet is unexpected and wonderful!

    ¼ cup diced rotisserie chicken
    ½ cup shredded Havarti, divided
    ½ teaspoon minced garlic
    1 teaspoon minced fresh tarragon
    ¼ cup sour cream
    3 large eggs, beaten
    1/8 cup whole milk
    Pinch garlic powder
    Pinch ground sweet paprika
    Kosher salt
    Ground black Pepper


    Mix together the chicken, ¼ cup of Havarti, garlic, tarragon, and sour cream in a small bowl.   Set aside.

    Step 2:  MAKE OMELET

    Beat together the eggs, milk, garlic powder, paprika, salt, and pepper in a small bowl.

    Step 3:  COOK OMELET

    Spray a small non-stick skillet with cooking spray; place over medium heat.  Pour the egg mixture into the pan.  Cook, lifting the edges of the eggs as they set and allow the uncooked eggs to flow under the cooked portion.  When almost completely set, place the filling on half of the omelet.  Slide the omelet out of the pan onto the serving plate; fold in half as it comes out.  Sprinkle with the remaining cheese; place under a broiler to melt the cheese. Serve hot.

    COOKS NOTES:   This omelet pairs perfectly with roasted new potatoes seasoned with rosemary and garlic.

    Makes 1 serving

    Recipe courtesy the "Rotisserie Chicken Cookbook," written by Michelle Ann Anderson, Cumberland House, 2008