Tapioca chips

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How to make tapioca chips as light as potatoe chips, what is the standard procedure that i need to follow?
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Hey man.
by tapioca you mean cassava right? otherwise just disregard the whole message.
basically you need to peel the a long and hopefully as straight as possible cassava root(anything that is frozen won't worth, it messes up the texture), make sure to remove any knots or anything like that that the now clean cassava might have, The skin or bark of the cassava has a couple off layers the last one before the actual meat looks almost identical to the meat itself but it gets real hard once cooked do make sure to watch out for that, a careful visual inspection usually spots any issues.

With a very wide vegetable peeler make ribbons out of an ideally whole piece. The longer the ribbons are the better. Slice the root in whatever way you like really, but the bigger the better as long as they are all as thin as a ribbon from the peeler would be. Ribbons and peeler is the easiest and most consistent way I think. I am gonna assume that we are doing ribbons here, make sure that as you are doing them you have a bowl full of water to drop the into. They need to be kept in water until just before you fry them.

Ideally you'll have a deep frier with some clean oil handy, set it up to heat the oil to 190C and wait a bit.
The cassava ribbons should rest in the water bath for at least 1 hour. Once the oil is hot and the ribbons are hot/ rested respectively you can get to work.

Use your hands or a handheld strainer to fish handfuls of the ribbons, drain the of water a bit(but not completely) and how them into the frier. Cause of the water content you'll get shittons of steam, in this case that is ok. Cassava ribbons(or whatever you ended up doing) sticks together super easily then they are that thin, its impossible to break them up once fried. this is a personal opinion so I am not 100% positive on this but I believe that the excess water and thus steam helps the cassava not immediately stick together once you throw them into the frier, this gives you enough of a window to mix things up a bit with your tongs once the initial blast of steam has subsided. Make sure to give the soon to be chips a good stir as soon as you can this will separate them into individual chips and cook evenly as it will separate pockets where for some reason or another things stuck together extra hard. The bigger that ribbons are the more careful you'll have to be about this, as soon as the oil hits the cassava it becomes real soft initially.

After that it is just awaiting game till the are all evenly golden, there are always some outliers that get immediately brown for some reason or another but give the whole thing a good eyeful and average it out. you'll be fine or the next batch will be at least. Prepare a bowl lined with some papers towels at the bottom. As soon as the chips are done frying throw them in the bowl and salt them, get this done as fast as possible. Let the chips chill and store in an airtight container.

they are the shit, season with cajun powder, chili or what have you. we use tons of them on a daily basis.


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