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3 oz. reconstituted sun dried tomatoes*
6 oz. pitted nicoise olives
1 oz. anchovy fillet, rinsed in cold water to remove excess salt
3 oz. extra virgin olive oil
cracked black pepper to taste


Place all ingredients except olive oil in a food processor and process until finely chopped. Add olive oil and process until smooth. Season to taste with black pepper. To make a tapanade butter, add about 3 T. tapanade to 1 lb. unsalted butter. *Reconstitute in warm sherry vinegar until soft.


Tapanade is perhaps best loosely defined as a black olive spread with olive oil and other flavoring components such as: anchovy, caper, herbs, etc. But the truth is that this simple peasant dish from the south of France is open to a multitude of interpretations. ChefTalk.com asked 2 chefs for their recipes for tapanade.

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