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Good Morning,

I am doing research on the different varieties of Tamales in Latin America. If anyone knows of books that cover the historical timeline of Tamales or has any knowledge it would be greatly appreciated.


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You might want to take a look at this book. And his bibliography should help you as well.

Name: Pilcher, Jeffrey M., 1965-
Title: Que vivan los tamales! : food and the making of Mexican identity / Jeffrey M. Pilcher.
Published/distributed: Albuquerque : University of New Mexico Press, c1998.
Physical description: x, 234 p. : ill. ; 24 cm.
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Repertorio de Tamales
Colección Cocina Indígena y Popular 8
Mexico, D.F.

It is in Spanish and is about Mexican tamales, you will find a wide repertoire of recipes, history and lore.

I hope you enjoy it.



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I was impressed with this book,

Tamales 101: A Beginner's Guide to Making Traditional Tamales

by Alice Guadalupe Tapp
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Hello i was reading this, it´s a nice topic. I love food history. I should tell you what i know about tamales. Well you should know the origin of the corn is in the Andes, its origin from Perú, the oldest corn has been gotten in the Andes. That´s what i have studied in le cordon bleu -Perú. WE used to make tamales before the spanish came without meat, but it was made a lot, it was common here. After ,when spanishes with africans (when they were slaves) the slaves introduced pork in the tamales. Now i want to know if tamales come from quechua (the inka empire's language) , i could get that information.

Now, i know in México u can find tamales, yes i know cuz when my friends from the USA when come they tell me that and taste very good, but dont think they were the first in making them. I think you should try to investigate about the 2 big "virreynatos" in latin america: NEw mexico and Perú.

I can tell you the peruvian tamales taste very verygood cuz when people from the USA come, they eat all what my mom cooks, please dont misunderstood my words, i´m not being offensive with mexicans, but unfortunatelly sometimes peruvians dont export their information about our history much.

Thanks so much, kind regards.

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The Aztec Milling Co, the people that make the MASECA brand masa harina, put out this tamale calander for their trade shows when they launched their new masecea for tamales blend of flour. They feature authentic recipes for tamales from the precolumbian, colonial, independence, and modern periods. It's a very cool resource.

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