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Anyone have any tips or good recipes for chocolate fudge? Mine keeps coming out too sticky and I am not having much success at all.
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I could use a good fudge recipe myself. My father-in-law makes a good fudge but would never come off the recipe. It was made using dry cocoa powder and sweetened condensed milk.

I know he used a candy thermometer and I believe it had to get to the softball stage to have the right consistency. I know he also tested how a drop of the hot fudge balled in water.
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Sugar crystals:

In fudge you want to encourage sugar crystals, but you want SMALL sugar crystals! The 'sticky texture' is made by long sugar 'strands' sticking to each other (or perhaps too much liquid left in the mix).

Cool syrup from soft-ball (112degC) to 38degC on ice before stirring. This will create fewer, smaller ice crytals, less noticable on the tongue- and stir- like crazy!!! 15 minutes is a good time until too thick to stir, wear your arm out, this will encourage but reduce the size of your sugar crystal and create a creamy, none-sticky texture.

Also; add corn syrup to the recipe, this will also reduce sugar crystal size.

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