Takohiki KnIfe

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I love the shape of Takohiki KnIfe
Is it ok to use this knife to cut and slice meat cooked on the bbq grill
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It is not intended for that and I recommend against it for two reasons

1) It is a single bevel knife for slicing raw fish and octopus.   The single bevel part would not do well on crusty bbq meat surface known as the bark.  

2) They are mostly carbon steel (non stainless) and require you to know how to sharpen single bevel knives on stones.  

You want a sujihiki or a serrated slicer.  OR even electric for certain tasks.
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If you know how to sharpen and otherwise maintain a full-sized takobiki, I'd say go right ahead and slice meat with it. Just be darn sure you don't hit bone, or you're going to be working on a very coarse stone and cursing yourself for being an idiot!

Yes, cutting through the crust/bark will dull your knife, and you'll have to sharpen again right after you're done, but these knives really aren't as fragile as people seem to think. Besides, you really ought to do some polishing of this kind of knife after EVERY day of cutting, so no biggie.

If this is your first single-bevel knife, however, you're probably wise to skip it, unless you have deep pockets.
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