Tako (Octopus) Poke ~ It's Ono-licious!!

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Continuing along the thread on Mussel Poke, I made mention that I was going to my favorite “Asian Market” as they call it here on the Mainland. 

I found Tako (Octopus) already cooked, and so you have Tako Poke.

You should have seen my husband’s eye light up! 

“Where did you find this!!?” 

We had a side of another fav, Kamaboko or Steamed Fish Cake. 

I have another package of Tako in the deep freeze along with Edamame, Manapua (Char Siu Bao) and sushi grade Ahi (Tuna). 

I wanted to take this first package of Tako on a test run and make sure that it was tasty before I went full bore and made up one of our top rated snack afternoons!! 

Extermely ONO pupu platter!!



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Nice. :)  Sometimes people hear octopus and automatically get turned off.

Without Asian markets a lot of people would be very depressed. 
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Thanks Kuan

This is the first time that I ever made my own Poke and at least with this market I don't have to beat the beastie with a 2X4 to tenderize nor cook it.

For my first try in all of my life of never having to make these Hawaii local favorites, I'm pleased with the results.

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