Tablets in the kitchen

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  Has anyone started using tablets in their kitchen.  They seem like they'd be great for ordering, inventory, scheduling, recipes, etc.  Also which do you prefer?  It seems the Ipad and Galaxy are the most well reviewed.


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The market is changing rapidly this week with the MWC in Barcelona. Rooted nook color has a ton of bang for the buck.
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'pukers in the kitchen?

IMHO they belong in the office.

Standard 'pukers don't tolerate heat, cold, dust, flour, grease, etc. very well.

Don't know about you, but I do my inventory with a clip board, a 3-tiered bus-cart, a scale and a calculator.  It rolls into walk-ins and freezers, into dry store rooms, and into kitchens.  The worst I can get is a wet clip board with a smeared page....

I know of lap-top "Military versions"  that will stand up to such extremes, but they are (blank)-ing expensive.
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Totally agree w/ foodpump. Kitchens are hot & dirty; not to mention how poorly your workers are gonna treat them. Drop one accidentally & its done. I don't see any benefit to having one. Does it really take that long to find a recipe in a book? I have yet to complete an inventory w/o getting some kinda stain on it somewhere.
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I use it in the shop for inventory, ordering, vendor bids etc. The one out front has become a very valuble sales

tools. Cake pics, contracts, info. one con with the ibook is no wireless printer. No flash so the internet suks.


PS I think we spent 29 bucs for a booklet and a clear protector.
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