Tabletop chocolate melter?

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HI everyone, my name is Raf. First post here. I'm a food blogger and recently got into making bonbons. It's always been an interest of mine and I finally dived in.

Being a hobbyist, I have limited equipments. I'm looking to invest in a table top chocolate melter. Most of them are fairly pricey and melts in big batches.

Since I'm a hobbyist, I melt in small batches with a heat gun. Using small Tupper wares to mix my colored cocoa butter at the moment. That way I can store them if now all used.

I've seen some that are 1.5L and 3.5L melters but are all in UK or Australia. Do you guys have any recommendations? Looking for something to keep my chocolate in working temp without breaking the temper of my chocolate while molding.

Are there any good diy melters? Or do you guys know where I can find a 1.5L or 3.5L melter?

Is there a way to macguyver a small food warmer with a thermostat to lower the temperature? Any ideas or suggestions will be much appreciated!


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Sous vide circulator and a double boiler "pan" supported in the water bath would be my approach. Completely untested. But I don't attempt these sorts of things either.
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I've used a heating pad (like the kind for sore muscles) to hold temper while working. The setting will depend on the brand - usually medium or low.
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If you hold tempered chocolate in the vicinity of water (steam) long enuf it will break and seize.
It is a Murphy's Law sort of phenomenon.
The heating pad tip is one I have used without any problems (works great for rising bread on a cold day as well)....just be sure to stir things around every once in a while in order to prevent scorching.

I saw a Wilton something or other on Amazon when checking out tools during the holidays..... maybe it is a tempering machine?
Maybe check it out but buyer be warned when shopping that brand as they can be extremely redundant when it comes to their target market.

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Thanks everyone! I might try to build a warmer with silicone pads and dual temperature controller. One for a heating pad and one on a small fan to cool.

The table top meters I see are all commercial size and are pricey. That's why I am trying to find a smaller one.

Problem is that most warmers are through steam or does not have the option to hold a low enough temp to not break the temper on the chocolate.

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