table top fryers

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Apparently they vary greatly in quality and usefullness, so you have to check the brands and models carefully.

I have a double-basket one that I use often, and have, overall, been happy with it. 
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For smaller operations they're cheap, mobile and can handle a heavy workload though not as quickly as larger gas-fired models.

We also use the for fries & the other for coated products etc. Filter daily & rotate across....and then a single we can pull out for b/u. Price was our motivating factor as we needed one in a hurry and it hasn't let us down yet.

If possible its best to recess them down below normally bench height for safer operation, an issue for not so tall staff.

Whoops!....are we talking at home?
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10# would be HUGE for a home kitchen.  A 10# electric could probably handle what?  About 4# of food or so?

Vollrath has a ten pound, two-basket, electric fryer at a very reasonable price... less than $400.  It's meant for catering, which I interpret to mean a not very demanding duty cycle.  No personal experience with it, though.

It would be very cool to have a home fryer that would actually let you do fish and chips for a group.  On the other hand, it's subtle perfume would linger for days.  Weeks, even.


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