T/F - when an egg yolk collapses, don't eat it


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i use them all the time. Its more prone to happen as the egg ages.

But that's why you separate eggs singly into a bowl so you don't contaminate your whites you already successfully separated.
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They are just getting old.
No problem with eating it.

If your eggs are getting old then check if the unboiled egg floats in water.
If it does float at the top, throw it out.
If it sits at the bottom, standing up and hardly touches the bottom of the jar, then hard boil them or make sure they are cooked well.
If they sit properly at the bottom, then do with it whatever you want. Soft boiled, bavarois. whatever
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Old wives tale, it may not even be that old - the membrane around the yolk could have been cut by the shell.

Unless you have no sense of smell, it is impossible to not know you have a bad egg.

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