Switching from AP to Bread Flour

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For the past two years of breadmaking I've used, for my 6 cup recipe, KA AP flour with 2 C water, plus salt and yeast.

Today I've begun making my std 6 C loaf using KA Unbleached Bread Flour; therefore I've gone from using a flour at 11.7% protein to 12.7%. There water volume has increased from 2 C to 2 1/4 C. Although the dough feels a bit more hydrated, I'm wondering about the rise, crumb's texture and flavor.

Any comments appreciated. BTW the loaf goes into the oven in about 90 minutes! :peace:
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Assuming the gluten is properly developed, a bit more work with a higher protein flour, if the doulg is more hydrated I would anticipate a more open crumb.
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Too many variables, not enough information for me to hazard a guess.

Awaiting with bated breath,
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Crumb at this point is just as open as my loaves made with AP or 5 C AP + 1 C Rye or whole wheat flour. Flavor is good and seems a bit stronger. Crumb structure seems a bit stronger, too.

Next time I plan to reduce hydration a bit in order to firm up the loaf and give it a taller rise and slightly drier skin. Otherwise I'm completely satisfied with the percentage increase and flavor.

As always, onward and upward.

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