Swiss Chard Stems

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Dear Friends:

I understand that Swiss chard stems are edible but I have never done anything with them. I've always just used the leaves for various preparations and tossed the stems.

The other day I bought two large bunches of red Swiss chard. I sauteed the leaves but this time I kept the stems. The chard was very fresh and the stems were firm, unblemished and a bright red. I felt it would be a shame to waste them.

Can you guys give me some ideas for a side dish using the stems? One source I read said to treat them as you would asparagus.


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swiss chard stems are delicious! saute with garlic and onions, cut the stems into 1/4"-12" pieces and saute then add the leaves afterwards letting them wilt into the stems.
I stuff the leaves with a grain medley and add the sauted stems to that filling. a hit of viniager sometimes works wonders also.
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Sauteed with garlic followed by a short braise they are great in Tuscan style tortes, in risottos or on their own. I use them for staff meals all the time. I find the white ones better than the red. Either will turn black in time however so you don't want to prepare them too long in advance.
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I think I will try them on their own. I already used the leaves from the bunch that I have.

I'll saute them with garlic and maybe a shallot and then do a short braise as you suggest Anneke.


Could I get your recipe for the stuffed leaves with the grain medley?

That sounds great.

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