Joined Nov 10, 2000
Got a big cube of this stuff.
Had it for along time.
Don't use it much.
How long does this shortening last?
I leave it out in a relatively cool area.
Joined Feb 21, 2001
Use your senses like you would with any other food. Is the color degraded? Does it smell rancid? Is it firm and white, or starting to look a little yellowed and translucent? It's cheap enough to throw out if it isn't looking right. And if you wouldn't eat it yourself, why keep it? We had an instructor at Johnson and Wales who had what she called her rancid food collection. There's an unmistakeable odor to rancid fat and flour.
Joined Nov 10, 2000
Thanks Bighat.
Yeah, I think I'll toss it.
Seems like it is yellowing, just slightly in the middle. No odor.
Wish it didn't come so big.
Thanks again.

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