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Hi everyone im cooking sweetbreads tomorrow for a mid term exam. I already got some good info from reading this forum and have now joined.

I would like to write what i will be doing and ask some questions, any one with experience with these, your advise is appreciated.

So what I will be doing is blanching them in a Court Bouillon and then seasoning them with S&P dredging them in flour and and frying till golden brown. Once done ill remove them and deglaze with Sambuca and then add demi-glaze reduce a bit more and thats my sauce

Question: Some of them are soaking in milk over night and others are not...Is it ok to blanch/poach them in a court bouillon if they have been soaking in milk overnight? Approximately how long should they poached for??

I just thought of doing a mini burger with the sweet breads also sauteed till crispy golden brown. And just making my own mayo and am about to look into how to make a ketchup ill grill a portabello as well to place in the burger or maybe pan-fry a green tomato with blue cheese crumbled ontop.

If you have any ideas or recommendations as to my ideas pls advise

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Yes, you can still blanch after soaking them in miilk, just remember to rinse the milk off. Also remember to remove that membrane after blanching and press it to get some of that excess liquid, which will affect the texture. Blanching time should be short, say similar to the amount of time you blanch a vegetable... up to a couple of minutes.
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