Sweet Steak and Eggs? Question.

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I had brunch with my family the other week at a place we love called Stein Eriksen Lodge in Park City, Utah.  It's a rare treat for our family because it's so expensive but they had the most amazing steak and eggs.  It was a piece of toast with a very thin breakfast steak on top then a poached egg on top of that.

But here's my question for all you master chefs out there:  The poached egg tasted just slightly sweet.   It was amazing.  I've looked around and I can't find any recipes for a sweet poached egg.  I wouldnt even describe it as sugary, it was like a honey or something.  Like a nectar, even.  It was stunningly delicious.  The kind of thing where you put your silverware down, roll your eyes, tilt your head back and groan.  Anyone have any idea how to make a sweet poached egg?

I'm sorry I dont have more details, I should've asked the staff.  But I'd love to make it for my family.  
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Maybe there was something sweet in the poaching liquid.  You could always call the restaurant and find out.  And then let us know too.
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Wonder if it might be as simple as poaching the eggs in water with sugar added.

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Egg shell is pretty porous (think Chinese Century Eggs or Tea Eggs). So, if you prepare a sugar brine and let the eggs there for a week or so it may absorb the sweetness
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Could be poached in a sweet broth....maybe @Ordo's answer has merit....or could it be something in the feed or maybe a particular characteristic of a certain breed?

Started a small google research and have left a message for a friend who works at our county ag branch to give me a call when she gets a minute.

What I have found thus far.....really fresh yard eggs have been known to taste hands and fists better than one from a crate (duh, lol ;-) and feeding the brood onions will leave a fishy odor (duh X 2).

When I have eaten an unusually tasty food product I usually describe it as sweet...that is how my palate communicates it to my senses.

Will repost when an answer come from the friend.

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